Web Key Directory

Web key directory

Web key directory or WKD refers to the protocol that enables discovery of OpenPGP public key uploaded to people's own servers, bypassing the need for dedicated keyservers. The public key will be discoverable using an identifier similar to an email address: USERNAME@DOMAIN.

The benefit of WKD is having full control over the key while still having it widely available. It does however require a domain and some form of web hosting.

If you don't have web hosting, there luckily is's WKD-as-a-service. Please visit their website for documentation and guides.

If you wish to host your OpenPGP public key on your own server, you can choose one or both setups: the Direct setup and the Advanced setup. Despite their names, both require roughly the same steps.

Use this website to confirm everything is working correctly when done.

The Direct setup

To make your keys available via WKD using the Direct setup, you'll need to serve two paths on your server: this is an empty file this is the binary public key (so NOT ASCII armored)

The LOCALPART above is actually the username hashed using the SHA-1 algorithm and encoded using the Z-Base-32 method. As it's not humanly possible to compute this by ourselves, Keyoxide provides a small utility to do this for you.

So if you wish to make your key available as, according to the small utility, the URL would become:

The Advanced setup

While not necessary if the Direct setup works, there is a second setup to make WKD work: the Advanced setup. The paths to be served needed are: this is an empty file this is the binary public key (so NOT ASCII armored)

Indeed, quite similar to the Direct setup, except for the openpgpkey subdomain and the additional in the path of the public key.

The public key for would be available at:

WKD is not working!

Please visit the Something went wrong section for troubleshooting.