Keyoxide docs


Let's add a decentralized IRC proof to your OpenPGP keys.

Add a property to your IRC taxonomy

After logging in into the IRC server with your registered nickname, send the following message (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

/msg NickServ SET PROPERTY KEY openpgp4fpr:FINGERPRINT

To check whether successful, send (make sure to replace NICK):


To add more fingerprints, send:

/msg NickServ SET PROPERTY KEY2 openpgp4fpr:FINGERPRINT

Update the PGP key

First, edit the key (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

gpg --edit-key FINGERPRINT

Get a list of user IDs and find the index of the one to assign the notation to:


Select the desired user ID (make sure to replace N):

uid N

Add a new notation:


Enter the notation (make sure to replace IRC_SERVER and NICK):

So, for user foo on the freenode server, this would be:

Save the key:


Upload the key to WKD or use the following command to upload the key to (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --send-keys FINGERPRINT

And you're done! Reload your profile page, it should now show an IRC account.