Keyoxide docs


Let's add a decentralized Gitea proof to your OpenPGP keys. This will also work on self-hosted instances.

Post a Gitea proof message

Log in to a gitea instance like and click on Create new repository.

Set the repository name to gitea_proof.

Set the project description to (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:FINGERPRINT]

Optional: edit the to this:

This is an OpenPGP proof that connects my OpenPGP key to this Gitea account. For details check out

After creating the project, copy the link to the project.

Update the PGP key

First, edit the key (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

gpg --edit-key FINGERPRINT

Get a list of user IDs and find the index of the one to assign the notation to:


Select the desired user ID (make sure to replace N):

uid N

Add a new notation:


Enter the notation (make sure to update with the link to the project copied above):

Save the key:


Upload the key to WKD or use the following command to upload the key to (make sure to replace FINGERPRINT):

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --send-keys FINGERPRINT

And you're done! Reload your profile page, it should now show a verified Gitea account.