Service providers


Create the proof

Log in to your Matrix instance, join the room and send the proof as a message.

The following proof formats are supported: URI Hashed URI Message Profile URL

Click on View Source for that message, you should now see the value for room_id and event_id.

The value for room_id should be ! The value for event_id is unique to your message.

If your Matrix client does not support View Source, choose Share or Permalink. The URL obtained should look like this:

Your USER_ID is your actual Matrix user ID which should look like:


Add the claim…

The claim looks as follows:


Make sure to replace USER_ID, ROOM_ID and EVENT_ID.

…to a signature profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The claim should look like:


…to an OpenPGP profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The notation should look like:

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