Available claims/proofs


Create the proof

Log in to your Matrix instance, join the room and send the proof as a message.

An example of a proof: openpgp4fpr:ACB9C3FDB63C9DCAF14AD027811C5FDF6E20CC0E.
The following proof formats are supported:

Click on any of the links above to learn how to create your personalized identity proof.

Click on View Source for that message, you should now see the value for room_id and event_id.

The value for room_id should be ! The value for event_id is unique to your message.

If your Matrix client does not support View Source, choose Share or Permalink. The URL obtained should look like this:

Your USER_ID is your actual Matrix user ID which should look like:


Add the claim…

The claim looks as follows:


Make sure to replace USER_ID, ROOM_ID and EVENT_ID.

…to a signature profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The claim should look like:


…to an OpenPGP profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The notation should look like:

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