Available claims/proofs


Create the proof

Open the Telegram website or app and log in.

Create a group using New group.

Telegram requires you to add at least one member to create a group. Add someone you trust or just the @KeyoxideBot. This bot does not post messages and only reads the group's Description field to verify your identity claim. Note that @KeyoxideBot does not need to be a member of your group for the claim verification to work.

Give it a descriptive title like (make sure to replace USERNAME):

USERNAME's Keyoxide Proof

In your new group, click on the top bar, open the Edit menu by clicking on the pencil and set the description to your proof.

An example of a proof: openpgp4fpr:ACB9C3FDB63C9DCAF14AD027811C5FDF6E20CC0E.
The following proof formats are supported:

Click on any of the links above to learn how to create your personalized identity proof.

Set the Group Type to Public. Change the Public link to whatever you like (remember what you add after the, this will be the GROUPNAME you need in the claim). Under Who can send messages?, turn on Only members and Approve new members to avoid others joining this room. Confirm the changes to the Group Settings.

Go to Permissions and turn off everything for a read only public room. As the group owner, you will keep all permissions.

It can take up to a few minutes after changing the description before the proof works.

Add the claim…

The claim looks as follows:

Make sure to replace USERNAME and GROUPNAME.

…to an ASP:

Follow the instructions provided here. The claim should look like:

…to an OpenPGP profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The notation should look like:

…to a legacy signature profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The claim should look like:


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