Service providers


Create the proof

Go to and log in using your XMPP credentials. Click on Configuration and append the following message to the About Me section:

[Verifying my cryptographic key: FINGERPRINT_URI]

Using native XMPP clients that support editing the vCard data (such as Gajim) should work as well. Unfortunately, this method appears unreliable and does not work for some.

Log in to the Conversations Android app (or any other XMPP app that supports sharing an XMPP URI) in using your XMPP credentials. Go to Manage accounts > Share > Share as XMPP URI. The resulting URI should look something like:


This is what you will use as claim in the next section.

If you have followed these steps and the identity proof still doesn't work, it could be that your XMPP instance is running Prosody and configured to restrict vCard access. Contact your XMPP administrator to ask if this is the case and whether it could be changed.

Add the claim…

The claim looks as follows:


Make sure to replace XMPP_ID.

…to a signature profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The claim should look like:


…to an OpenPGP profile:

Follow the instructions provided here. The notation should look like:

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