Keyoxide docs

Encrypting a message

Let's see how to encrypt a message.

Obtain a public key for encryption

The idea is that you use someone's public key to encrypt a message. From then on, the message cannot be decrypted and read by anyone but the person possessing the private keys associated with the public key (they'll have the same fingerprint).

If you already have a public key (or its fingerprint) you would like to use to encrypt a message, great! If not, you could use the following fingerprint:


Encrypt a message

Open the page and click the Encrypt message button.

Write a message in the Message field and press the ENCRYPT MESSAGE button.

You have successfully encrypted the message! The encrypted message in the Encryption result field can safely be sent via unsecured communication channels knowing that only the person possessing the private key associated with that fingerprint can read it.

Receiving encrypted messages

If you'd like to receive OpenPGP encrypted messages, you must first learn the fundamentals of OpenPGP and how to generate and manage your own keypair.